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E&S can add value (improve quality and quantity of material and save cost) for large scale budget programs.  While places like the Ports of Mobile, Houston, et al provided application, engineering, and contract understanding, the valuable cost savings was elsewhere.  The lessons learned can be incorporated into contracts and government policy to reduce unnecessary overhead costs, improve safety, and dramatically improve sustainability for all parties...on Earth and beyond.

A variety of port, airport, highway, building, and other civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering 'like' algorithm tools are being developed that support improved strategies.  Basic beta algorithms will be posted, each continuously improved in the years ahead.   Land is mostly - but not all - relatively basic as far as the environment where material is obtained compared to Space and Sea environs.

Some Free Basic (very basic) Algorithms:

Logistics Optimization Strategy

   + Choose worthwhile programs
   + Specified Material at Reasonable Cost
   + Stay On Schedule
   + Avoid Scope Creep

As alluded, create a logistics strategy that will keep the project engineer in control of quality, schedule, and cost.  An typical procurement example is to get a minimum of three bids after identifying three sources that meet specs, schedule compatibility, and cost reasonableness.  When you have projects that require record costs based on sheer size and scope, even giants of the construction world could use an independent boost in procurement strategy.

E&S keeps NASA, EPA, and transportation infrastructure in mind first and foremost because these programs are what we care about the most.  These programs can flourish when not paying too much for material.  Not wasting budget on middlemen and inflated prices can make the program safer and more sustainable.  These history making programs deserve this, as do those who pay for and benefit from them.
Automation, Global Reach, and Beyond

+ Global Teamwork with US Allies

E&S believes in and respects human knowhow worldwide - no nation or culture excluded.  We embrace teaming with the practical minds, resources, and ingenuity of US Allies where this is backed and granted clearance by the US government.  

As humanity progresses in our journey of evolution together, we know that this will expand in time to include all mankind; that is, all people free to work together for common worthy endeavors.  We keep this big picture in mind because - as NASA has demonstrated via the International Space Station - most humans with integrity from every corner already excel at this.  People from all walks on Earth work exceptionally well together accomplishing major global advances and scientific endeavors.

E&S focuses on the discovery and accomplishment of worthy ideals.

Solar Materials . Net

E&S's best has always been developed for aerospace construction.  Build up will be posted here in the months, years, and decades ahead.

Also posted here will be aps, tools, white papers, articles, and - eventually - a book or two - for aerospace construction.  Aps and tools will be posted as both beta and non-beta versions, both clearly marked as to which they are with the latter posted following thorough accuracy testing.  

Keep in mind that E&S is a small business in Houston - not a global conglomerate.  Our dreams are large but not far fetched and are being realized.  Example, the owners graduate proposal and theoretical project at UHCL in the late 80's was a gravity wave detector concept based on the Sagnac Effect.  He didn't really think it could be built, but, lo and behold, two LIGO's - massive Sagnac Effect observatories - were built and on September 14, 2015 these detected gravity waves.  That won the folks who actually did it the Nobel Prize.  Sometimes, ya just never know until you try.

Earth Material . Net

E&S has some been there/done that experience with this industry and there is room for significant improvement.  We want to get in on that act because it will be useful for aerospace, too.  We are particularly focused on improving strategies, concepts, the means, and technology to move large amounts of bulk material across the ocean, along intracoastal canals, by rail, and other means of making this a cost effective way to efficiently manage massive aerospace and energy related developments.

Some Free Basic Algorithms:

Loads Calculator

Amount Shipped

Shiploads Required

Quick 'Shiploads' Estimator
(Some tougher one's being developed)

Shipping Questionnaire (Beta).
Material Movement Program Management

+ E&S Program Strategy

Designed for US government and related business projects that require their own transports (ships, barges, rail cars, trucks, and cargo planes) whether those are owned or leased and whether operators are directly employed or contracted.

The strategy eliminates sources that balloon material cost, have subpar delivery quantity and quality, and/or slip schedules.  The project owner retains control of material cost, actual material amount received, and material quantity as well as delivery cost and scheduling.  Hauls are from reliably managed stockpiles, pits and mines.  

E&S personnel have studied material shipping and hauling since 1980 from large to small and it isn't rocket science.  The ability to improve - or make dramatically worse - the cost and reliability of project material is proportional to the integrity of everyone and everything in the logistics chain.
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