Earth and Space
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What are templates?

​At Earth and Space, a template is a project defined as 'a division under development after conceptual design'.  These projects build the Earth and Space operational program.  It remains a template until all work breakdown structure elements of the conceptual design are complete, even if sections of the template are operational.  Once all elements of the original design are complete and the project is operational per conceptual design specifications, the project is no longer a template.  The division is fully operational.  Expansion of project scope beyond the original design is not considered for template status unless the project would be inoperable per original specifications without the expansion element(s).  No unnecessary scope creep elements are considered for template status.  Such scope creep capability is folded into a new project that expands the division, this new project not being a template since the division now exists.

Earth and Space external development measures and scope governance are the same as those for internal.