Earth and Space
Down to Earth Rocket Science

World Wide Project (WWP) - Global Collaboration for Solving the Top Five Global Challenges using a hybrid of global humanity and AI.
Project Management (PM) - Traditional and Systems Development Cycle (SDC) with Fixed Performance Requirements, Scope, Schedule, and Budget.
Intuitive Project Management (IPM) - Management of Variable Elements and Paths towards intuitively developed solutions. 
Earth and Space uses Systems Development Cycle (SDC) for complex projects, PMBOK approach for 'civil engineering-like' projects such as sea, air, and space port development, and intuitive project management for creative projects.  

Systems Development Cycle guidelines are used for most aerospace systems projects. For those unfamiliar with SDC PM, 'Project Management for Engineering, Business and Technology' by John M. Nicholas and Herman Steyn is a good primer.  

PMBOK guidelines are used for most non-systems projects such as large scale infrastructure.  Spacecraft and space stations require both PM methodologies.  Fixed lunar and Mars stations - structurally, at least - require only the PMBOK approach but the details are necessarily broader in scope and depth than our garden variety office building.  

Intuitive project management guidelines are used for creativity and R&D projects (i.e. my science fiction novel "Down to Earth" for instance, was a very simple IPM project, albeit not simple writing.)  AI development benefits from an integrated SDC and IPM approach..

World Wide Projects consolidate the connectivity, brainpower, and common knowledge shared by humanity to drive AI systems that work to resolve primary global challenges.

It is worth the short time required for systems engineers to become proficient in SDC project management application early in their careers. Compared to engineering disciplines, it's simple and yet when put to use on every project worked - even if not required - it will save countless hours and dollars over the course of a career.  The most excellent performance can be traced to excellent engineering and management.