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World Wide Project (WWP)

The WWP is a concept to unite, tap, and process human potential to solve global challenges.  It was created to practice intuitive project management by Earth and Space.  However, though the implementation would certainly be a challenge, the project is feasible and practical.  

In the 1800's, Samuel Butler wrote of progress over the next twenty million years.  We are already just decades away at most from sythetic 'thinking' machines.  Self-organizing, synthetic hierarchical processing human creations will be followed by machines creating machines, as well.  

As a science fiction author wannabe for over forty years (and finally publishing), I have come across such statements before in novels by Ben Bova, Arthur Clarke, et al.  Today however, these statements appear in journals and books written by those who back up their statements with facts.  

We still do not know how to construct a synthetic human brain - nor is this even desirable.  Synthetic creative problem solving at a typical human level will not require synthetic duplication of a human brain's structure.  It isn't as clear cut as Moore's Law to predict self evolving technology progress.  It will be exponential but to an unpredictable degree.

Our brains utilize some three hundred million interconnected neural clusters that manage patterns in a hierarchical process. As amazing as it is, our neural structure and processing methodology are not necessarily the most logical for synthetic learning/creative problem solving processes.

Indeed, our brain is like a spacecraft that started as a lawn mower and kept adding things until it could fly to the Moon and still, by the way, mow the lawn with it's lawn mower. It's sort of like V'ger in the first Star Trek Movie.  V'ger was the Voyager spacecraft that in the movie was discovered by machine intelligence.  It was enhanced to grow without bounds in capacity.  Then it was sent on its way again to learn all that there was to learn and to bring that knowledge back home to its creator. I don’t recall the latter being a part of Voyager’s real mission, but it was good fiction. However, if Voyager does come home, it won’t be alone. I think the movie got that part right.

Global communication towards creative solutions is a good peace keeper and chaperon. It is conducive to peace, honesty, and advancement for all; the International Space Station has and continues to illustrate this well.

A suggestion is an internationally managed system that allows continuous global human input for unlimited problems from scientifically oriented government agencies, universities, and reputable institutions processed real time via AI.  

Engineers, scientists, and topic savvy research institutions worldwide may find a practical way to do this if they were able to find a means to collaborate on how to go about it.  Getting them together in the past would be 95% of the difficulty.  I don't believe that's the case anymore.

Communication and collaboration of our global variety of perspectives and currently non-collaborated intellectual resources are valuable untapped human commodities capable of resolving our most pressing conundrums.

That, in a nutshell, is a simple WWP concept for implementing advanced AI.  

Earth and Space seeks to connect with those with the knowledge, capacity, and desire to collaborate on such a project. 

Your input and thoughts are welcome via the 'Contact' link or email [email protected]